Gail’s Harley Davidson


Gail’s Harley is one of just a handful of dealerships across the United States that is female owned and operated. There are six Harley dealers in the immediate Kansas City trading area. Gail’s Harley usually ranks either first or second among the six dealers sales month after month.

There is a serious competitor that pounds a price message to the marketplace and the market was responding. Her market share had become stagnant.

Gail is a tremendously astute businesswoman and someone I respect quite a bit. Gail’s giggle at the end of her commercial (not sure I love it but boy do I remember it) is as memorable as anything I have come across in my years of consulting. 


Gail brings tremendous value before, during and especially after the sale so the decision was made to highlight her service in a memorable way.


Position Gail as always being there to help…Gail stands behind every purchase! Gail’s has a unique atmosphere and a level of professionalism that is truly outstanding and must be experienced.

See Gail’s commercial below!

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