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La-Z-Boy Furniture: There are seven La-Z-Boy Furniture stores in the greater Cleveland area.
There are essentially two different types of customers:

Commodity customers – in the store just looking to replace an item
Environmental customers – these are people looking for more of a room package and do not tends to be price points motivated. Management identified that “Environmental customers” do not come in from the price point advertisement .


Our primary job is to increase the amount of “environmental” sales from those people looking to buy more of a room package and not just looking to replace. The environmental sale is quite a bit higher than the “average” La-Z-Boy sale. Environmental shoppers are more likely to use a designer than the average customer.


Market our designers! – A designer assisted sale can be four or five times greater than the average furniture store purchase so we created the “Design Diva’s”. The design Diva’s are a series of video’s produced by the LAZBOY staff designers. The Design Diva’s segments are promoted and archived on the TV station website.

A campaign was developed to “introduce” the design team at LaZboy, the “Design Diva’s”. The campaign was primarily web based and included video design clips and tips. The “Diva’s” became popular and design consultation increased!

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