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Is a real incremental revenue increase of $250,000 to $600,000 for a month of consulting worth a

15 minute phone conversation?


The IMPACT Plan is a proven program for helping our clients gain more sales, incremental revenue and increased market share. The IMPACT Plan is based around a Need, Feature & Benefit model and provides a systematic approach that has worked for clients all over America. We challenge both client and media comfort zones and look for opportunities to help deliver increased market share.
good-feet“Mr. Burke understands marketing and his advise has certainly improved our bottom line. He has a real interest in your business and has given us some great advice.”
Mr. Arnold Pereira
Owner of multiple Good Feet Stores in the Midwest

“Our bottom line is to help increase your bottom line!”


  • AE’s will learn how to conduct the most comprehensive needs analysis in the media.
  • AE’s will be trained in the “Advertiser Bucket List” which will help deliver better client results and lead to less churn.
  • AE’s will help develop and learn how to use the best presentation template in America!

II. Creation of customized Needs Evaluation and Presentation templates that the team will use long after the training.

  • Our Needs Evaluation format has helped stations all over the country gain much greater insight into their clients business. That insight has helped to create much more targeted and powerful presentations.
  • Creation of a customized presentation template that is the finest in the media! AE’s and managers will work with Tim to create a customized presentation for each management designated client.

III. In field sales calls

  •  Most consultants bring their ideas and strategies to the conference room, we bring ours to the street. We use our systems and strategies in the field making sales calls with real AE’s on real clients! These calls create campaigns not schedules which leads to client success, stability and retention.



Prior to ImpactA full day of training to IMPACT Program


Week #1 – Opportunity Analysis calls in the market

Week #2 & #3 – Presentation building

Week #4 – Presentation week

Our program typically pays for itself many times over with real in field sales calls designed to IMPACT management designated accounts and deliver better client results, longer retention and higher station revenue!

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