Billy Huggins – WPDE TV – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This year my staff and I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Tim Burke.  His sales workshops were not just informative they were exciting.  The main point is that my veterans and less experienced staff each walked away pumped and excited about making calls with Mr. Burke.

We spent one week in the field and generated significant dollars from existing and new accounts.  Mr. Burke’s ability to relate and educate our clients was exceptional.  He clearly reminded each of us through his actions on how to identify, clarify and address the true barriers that prevent us from closing business and establishing long term relationships with our customers.

I would personally recommend Mr. Burke for any company that has a desire to grow new business and build a team of professionals that have a clear understanding of how to grow business in today’s environment!

Billy Huggins – WPDE TV – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
President and CEO
WPDE TV-15 and WWMB TV-21
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