Elizabeth Barrett – Jim Doyle & Associates

“It is a pleasure for me to recommend Tim Burke.  I have known Tim for about eight years.  During that time, he was a client of our company, as well as a Senior Consultant employed by our company.  Jim Doyle and Associates works with TV sales organizations to grow revenue and train advertising sales people.

As Vice President of the company, I work closely with our seven Senior Consultants.  It is my responsibility to assign them projects and stay in contact with them about these projects.  I am also in close communication with the clients for whom they are working.

As a Senior Consultant for Jim Doyle and Associates, Tim worked with numerous TV station and cable sales staffs across the country to grow local revenue.  He made sales calls with Account Executives and Sales Managers and worked with advertisers to improve the results of their marketing and advertising.  Tim also presented sales training programs.  He garnered rave reviews and had significant economic impact wherever he went.  Tim helped individual TV stations and cable systems generate local revenues ranging from a quarter of a million to half a million dollars or more.

Tim Burke is the real deal.  He is an extraordinary sales person himself and he excels in understanding and teaching the selling process.  Tim motivates and inspires others around him – and he has the exceptional ability to get veteran Account Executives to connect with his message.  He is smart, creative and able to think fast on his feet.  His enthusiasm and passion are contagious.  Tim is a true leader.”

Elizabeth Barrett – Jim Doyle & Associates
Vice President
Jim Doyle & Associates
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