Jim Stoos – OnMedia Cable – Quad Cities

“Tim conducted meticulous, fact finding conversations with our clients. The information he secured was instrumental for designing specifically tailored marketing campaigns to meet individual client needs and goals. Tim’s personality and demeanor allowed him to develop an instant rapport with our advertisers. His knowledge and insight into the marketing and business arena is exceptional. Tim has real ideas which can be implemented immediately in most situations with incredible impact. His work is in the “here & now” and he focuses on tackling our client’s problems and concerns about their business. His many years of experience in radio, broadcast TV, cable TV and consulting makes him a great resource for any manager or business owner. Tim is a player that you want to have on your team and not the competition’s. Tim Burke is the real deal and a heavy hitter without the ego. Tim Burke is an energetic, capable, extremely creative consultant and an exceptional motivator; I give Tim my highest recommendation. He would be a tremendous asset to your organization.”

Jim Stoos – OnMedia Cable – Quad Cities
Regional Vice President
OnMedia Cable
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